Pondermere is a quaint, quiet little town.

About 6000 people live there, enjoying the bustle of the small town, surrounded by beautiful English countryside. The town itself features "Vitala Academy", a well respected private school that families for miles around vie to send their children to.

Pondermere has a small High Street of local shops and businesses, a well attended public library (...with an unusually large amount of books on mythology and the supernatural.) A number of popular small restaurants and drinking establishments, and just outside of the Town Centre, a not-so-secret military establishment... that no-one talks about...

Just like any other quaint little town... But every town, I suppose, has it’s secrets.

At the edge of town, lies the impressive Kimura Mansion with its huge grounds used for many elaborate village events.

The Kimura Mansion


The beautiful art deco mansion once owned by the Kimura family; a wealthy family of traders, who settled here in Pondermere when they made their fortune. After the last in line of the Kimura family passed away, he left the mansion to the town for public use and asked that it be used to celebrate Japanese art and culture.

The mansion now operates like a museum with a display of many of the antiques and art works collected by the Kimura family now available to view by the public. The mansion also hosts a Kendo school where people come from all across the county to learn the skills and the philosophy of the ancient Japanese martial art with swords.

The mansion also houses a school of Japanese calligraphy, regular Japanese art lessons; and Japanese language classes, as well as the very popular Japanese tea rooms. They are also planning to begin hosting a Japanese culinary school providing classes on sushi and sashimi making for enthusiasts.