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Beatrice Blackthorn MSc


Beatrice Blackthorn MSc has been with The Pandora Network for 2 years, before this having worked as a forensic accountant with Scotland Yard for 4 years. After finishing her masters in accounting & finance the London School of Economics, Beatrice took a year out to experience the world, becoming interested in the rich mythologies and beliefs of different cultures; A passion that she carries through into her work with The Pandora Network. Beatrice says that she has always pushed herself hard, to shine as the middle child of three sisters, but here at The Pandora Network we see Beatrice’s determination and tenacity as assets. These are the qualities that make Bea an integral part of our team.

Age - 30

Marrital Status - Single

Children - None

Siblings - Middle child of two sisters

Birth Town - Surrey, England

Star Sign - Leo

Favorite Colour - Silver

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