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About us

The Pandora Network was established in 1958, and since then has grown to become an international network of investigators, with field agents in over 30 countries around the world, supported by an international online team of volunteer analysts. We have established bases wherever we have detected high levels of "unusual" incidents. In recent times, we have seen an increase in the amount of unusual incidents we have identified. In the last month alone we have seen "hotspots" of bizarre events in London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and... strangely... the small town of Pondermere.

Owing to this increase in activity, we are now recruiting volunteer online analysts to support our field agents. If selected as an analyst you will be sent details of the analysts workspace where you will be able to receive briefings of new cases; have an opportunity to discuss developments with other online analysts internationally; support our field agents in exploring the case; and receive a full debrief when cases are resolved.

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